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Concept Audio
Established since the year 2002, Malaysia’s renowned service audio, visual, lighting systems distributor cum integrator “concept audio” has been providing premium quality products and insightful advices to scores of clients. Formed and led by a strong base of experienced industry veterans a decade ago. The company has gained its fame and recognition with the accumulation of countless success stories along the way serving the whole of Malaysia. Evolving into the natural choice when it comes to AV equipment purchase and sourcing.
  • Our ability to supply some of the most sought-after brands in the world together with the finest quality products at the most competitive prices has propelled us fast and direct to stardom. Our widespread network, on the international platform has turned sourcing activities effortless, guaranteed to fulfil requests for any rare piece of equipment in the industry.
  • As the complete AV equipment supplier, we provide system designs, project implementation and system integration for venues that require stage lighting, sound system, audio mixer, dimming system, public address system, conference system etc. For the venues such as auditoriums, multipurpose halls, production studios, ballrooms, educational institutions and conference rooms, whether it’s design, written specifications, budgeting, optimization and proper use of equipment or be a request of full installation. We work with clients to churn out the best possible solutions which are full-blown and comprehensive. Coupling with excellent after sales service and back-up support, we are your best choice to ensure minimum downtime thus allowing you to minimize hassle and maximize your potential.

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