Highfield Qualifications

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Highfield Qualifications
Highfield Qualifications was the winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2016.
  • Highfield is the No 1 qualification awarding organisation in the UK and Middle East for delivering food safety qualifications; and offers over 250 vocational qualifications and apprenticeships covering multiple sectors designed to enhance the career prospects of learners.
  • Highfield also develops award-winning e-learning courses and produces and publishes a range of translated resources that aid training.
  • Highfield Accreditation of a customised qualification attests its quality and rigour; as well as validating its credibility to customers’ clients and learners by certifying the competences needed for the workplace.
  • Highfield’s International branch is based in Dubai and employs a full-time and experienced curriculum developer in SEA with expertise in writing qualifications and offers other value-adding services.

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